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I’m sure you’ve determined, given where we are, that I’m a writer; well, an “In there plugging” writer better sums me up.  I still have a day job to keep the bill collectors at bay and dinner on the table.

My first book, The Tenderfoot’s Guide to Family Camping, was published in 1999 to some wonderful reviews.   Of course, that book definitely shows the path that lead me to the TTT build you’re currently seeing on this blog.  I so much believe in the validity of this book that in 2011 it was republished, revised, of course, with scads of new, up to date information for the aspiring camper.  It’s now available through almost all the major ebook dealers.

My second, The Paramedic, came out in 2007, also to some great reviews. It was a definite change in genre, but fun and interesting to say the least.  Due to some great feedback, the sequel to The Paramedic is in the final stages and should be out sometime in early 2011.

If I were to brag on myself just a little, I would have to say, in all sincerity, that my latest book, Born Bent Over: Flashing the Vertical Smile at Middle age, is sure to please. If you’re approaching forty, in your forties or, like some of us, celebrating your’ twenty-ninth birthday for the twenty-first time, this book will have you in stitches. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ll wind up heavily medicated and sitting at bus stops, drooling, as you recite naughty poetry to passing motorists.  Aging may not be desirable, but it sure beats the alternative.

I have been published in various magazines, websites and on numerous bathroom walls.

I currently live in beautiful Upstate South Carolina.

Enjoy life to the fullest.  You never know how much of it you have left.

Fair Winds,


You can read more of my stories on my website: www.bgreenleaf.com


  1. Nice looking Trailer but one good we got the same trailer one thing different is the doors I got mine like a Teardrop trailer doors you got yours in the back.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I guess great minds think alike. I hope you’re enjoying yours’ as much as I am mine. Nothing like a weekend in the woods to set life’s priorities on the right track. Keep building.


    1. I’d like to see some pics of that, Scott. I’m always interested in new design ideas. My next project is going to be a standee. I’ve been taking pics of every one I see to take advantage of some of the great ideas some of the builders have come up with.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Sorry, no, I didn’t get his name. As you can probably imagine, I saw that at a Tearjerker’s Camp out so the poor guy was swamped with admirers and onlookers asking him all sorts of questions. However, I will ask the chapter president who the designer/builder was when I get a chance and I’ll ask him for his contact information. If he’s like most teardrop enthusiasts, I’m sure he’d be happy to share information on his fantastic creation. Everyone was extremely impressed with that build. I have your email address. I’ll get back to you.


  2. Good piece of data that you’ve received on this web site article. Hope I might get some much more of the stuff on your own web site. I will are available back again.

    1. Thank you, Seomax. I’m glad you found something of interest in the blog. I’ve been on a sort of sabbatical these last few months, taking care of the business of life, but I will be back blogging and adding more to my site very soon. Come back soon. You won’t be sorry.

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