This might just be my next book cover?

We made it!!!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!!

(NEWSFLASH!  FROM UPYOURS NEWS WIRE>ANDERSON, SC)  At 1PM today, November 21st, 2010, Nosty’s Nook made her first road trip and passed with flying colors! (as you can see, I’ve alerted the media. *laughing*  Like they’d give a crap!).   Thankfully, there were no members of the local constabulary in the vicinity of Anderson’s answer to the Yucca Salt Flats Proving Grounds, alias Hwy. 29,  because I, of course, had to insure that both Lil Truck and that, oft mentioned, aerodynamic angle on the front of Das Nook, could handle the rigors of highway traffic under windy conditions.  It was rather windless today, so I had to make my own.  I used to consider myself a daredevil, but I guess my bladder has weakened with age.  I made it up to 70, and maintained it for five miles or so,  then decided not to press my luck any further.  I’ve never had one, but I hear speeding tickets are murder on the wallet.  I plan on steak and dark lager next weekend, not wienies and, *gulp* Natural Light.

I guess I should say hello and welcome you back.  Please forgive my impropriety, but I am so wound up I could walk on air.  There were a few weeks along this journey where I considered setting a match to the whole project and taking up needlepoint, (actually, I did hem curtains last night.  I need to get a life!).

As I mentioned, the road test was a total success.  The only time I knew Das Nook was behind me was when I looked in the rear view mirrors.  Apparently, the changes I made to the tongue and the added weight of the storage box were the right combination because she pulls like a dream.  I has been quite some time since I backed a trailer so I was a little concerned when I got back to the house.  Fortunately, it all came back to me and there were no broken lights, scrapes, scratches or catastrophes docking the “Queen Mary.”
In keeping with the barn motif
In keeping with the barn motif

The question of securing the back doors still hasn’t been answered.  I’ve been running a whole bunch of ideas through my 70’s addled brain and haven’t come up with anything that gave me a warm, fuzzy, so, for now, I just kept with the black barn hardware.  It was coming down to the wire, time wise, and my mind has pretty much turned to oatmeal where important decisions are concerned so, for the time being, this will have to do.  The galley project will resume in a few weeks and, while I’m putting in the counter tops and cabinets, I’m certain something more appealing will come to me.  Pay no attention to the dust.  It’s everywhere.






Drawer finished/hardwood flooring in.

I got the drawer finished and installed, then got the hardwood flooring down on Friday.  In keeping with the frugal theme, the flooring was remnants I had left over from my kitchen floor so, blow to the budget, 0$.  Overall appeal; priceless.  At least as far as I’m concerned.

I also finished the door for the circuit breaker panel access.  That’s held in place by cabinet magnets.  If you need to get in, it just pulls off.  I liked this better than hinges in case I need full access to the panel.  Doors have a way of getting in the way when you need to get into something up to your elbows.  Hopefully I’ll never need that access and, truth be told, the bed deck lifts up for access to the underside, but I wanted to cover all the bases.






Heat and AC installed.

The heat and AC are now semi-permanently installed.  The AC is, pretty much, a fixture, but the heater is mounted on a locking bracket and can be removed in the summer.  The AC unit is remote controlled.  I can’t wait til the warmer weather gets here just to play with it. *laughing*

The heater has already had a test run.  A few weeks ago we hit a pretty good cold snap.  I was in the, (yuck), painting stages at the time and needed to warm the interior at night to help the paint cure.  I had it at the lowest setting and when I got in the following morning, it was toasty.  The thicker insulation was, quite obviously, a wise decision.  Hey!  I make wise decisions on occasion. *laughing*






Drip caps in.

I installed the drop caps over both doors Friday to keep a driving rain from getting in through the top of the doors.  Once the paint dried, I caulked around the sides and the door moldings.  If water gets in, it’ll have to be because of the family curse that’s been following me for lo these many years and not from failure to foresee and take measures against any and all invading elements.  I also installed rubber strip insulation inside the door jams to keep the drafts out.

I had intended on doing the same thing over the front window, but decided instead to build a flip up awning over that window.  The reason is two-fold.  For one, it’ll make a great sunblock for those campgrounds where the front of the camper faces east and I have no intention of waking with the rooster.  Secondly, for glass protection for any projectiles coming from the road or those big dump trucks that are supposed to be covered but never are.  I’ll put the awning on a piano hinge so it can be locked down over the window when Das Nook is on the road and keep me from having to test the patience of my insurance agent regarding glass replacement coverage.




Just a wee bit too long.

The curtains, thankfully, were compliments of a foolish decision I made a few years back when I *slapping my forehead* thought my daughter would want to keep with the house color scheme and choose a shade of green for her room.  Silly daddy.  Imagine my chagrin when she decided on purple.  She got her wish and the curtains have been sitting in the linen closet for years.  I bought one of those $12.95 Wally-World, hand held, sewing machines to hem them which, surprisingly, worked great.  Unfortunately, I believe my tape measure may have been on the fritz when I measured for this set.  The door curtains fit perfectly, though and, as burned out as I am now, I’ll just let the mattress cover the extra length until I get a few weeks of R&R and get back into the swing of finishing the galley.

I’ve been told I have a flair for decorating. *laughing*  You haven’t seen my office.  Early scrap yard with a touch of frat house thrown in for ambiance.




They look better on the doorsThe curtains could use a bit of ironing, but, as you can see, they match the paint and they fit perfectly on the doors.








I would be remiss at this point if I didn’t take a minute to thank all of you for your weekly emails, FB comments, etc., giving me the encouragement and humor to keep this project rolling.  There have been many mornings when I would have tossed the alarm clock across the room if my aching muscles hadn’t prohibited it, rolled over and slept for a few more hours.  The constant banter, good-natured jibes and general joviality have kept this project rolling and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I will enjoy a very expensive cigar and a dark lager for each and every one of you next weekend while I’m living the life and working out the finishing touches for my next book.  There’ll certainly be a bottle of Jim Beam there, too, so as not to leave out any of you non-beer drinkers, (otherwise known as Bohemians).

Next weeks blog will be brought to you from beautiful Lake Hartwell, GA where I will be enjoying the first weekend in a long time without a tool in my hand, (except my laptop, and unless you consider a beer mug a tool), reveling in the solitude and enjoying the fruits of my labors to date.   The following weekend will probably find me right back in the back yard, cussing up a storm over some piece that doesn’t fit, my faulty tape measure or my choice in counter top colors and loving every minute of it.  This entire project has become a labor of love and the best therapy for anything that ails you.  I highly recommend it.

And to you, Scrappy: I’ll keep a light on for you and a bottle of rum on ice 😉

That’s about it for this week, my dear friends.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.  The blog will continue weekly, filled with the trials and tribulations of Nosty’s Nook, as well as the camping trips I’ll be taking, frequently, from here on out.  I just hope I don’t find myself writing next weeks installment on the side of Hwy. 29. *laughing*  I’ve prepared for all contingencies, but, with my luck, a meteor will probably fall through the skylight as I’m parking Das Nook next weekend, or the wheel chocks will fail and my friend Manny’s comparison to the Nook and a submarine will come to fruition.  “I ain’t skeered!”

As always, keep those emails and comments coming.  I love hearing from you and laughing with you over camping stories and camper mishaps.  Hey, if nothing ever went wrong, the stories would be pretty boring.  Email me any time at

And if you get a minute, stop by the  Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailers forum and take a look at some of the amazing work done by some pretty amazing folks.  They’re always happy to talk about their creations and answer any questions you may have.

Until next week, and as always, I wish you peace, love and happiness all the days of your life.

Maggio Dio la benedice con la buona salute e la grande fortuna.




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