Wow!  The things some people will do for a weekend in the woods!  I thought the “Caution! Dear Crossing!” sign was just misspelled. (disclaimer: no scantily clad ladies were injured in the making of this blog).

As of today, Sunday, November 14th, 2010, there are twelve days left before the first camping trip.  Las Vegas has the odds at 5-1 against.  I’ll take that bet.

Hi my friends.  Welcome back.  If you’re new to the blog, you’re about to witness history being made. *laughing*  I think I may just be about to make the first deadline I’ve ever set for myself in all of my fif……….many, many years.  I’m building a TTT, (Tiny Travel Trailer), from the ground up and have been diligently laboring on it for lo these past sixteen weeks in hopes of camping in it over the Thanksgiving weekend.  If I don’t make it, not only have I managed to, yet again, disappoint myself, albeit maintaining my perfect record for never making self-inflicted deadlines, but I’ll also have to golf in a tournament this spring dressed like someone’s grandmother.  I look terrible in hose, but rather dashing and debonair in the plum paisley muumuu I found at an end of year clearance sale.

For my part, I believe I’ll be smelling of woodsmoke and bacon over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I’ve made reservations at a semi-local campground for Nosty’s Nook’s maiden voyage just in case my craftsmanship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  If I have to spent the weekend beside the road, I’d much rather do it in familiar territory.

(Thursday) Yes, I slipped in an extra day this week.  It’s Veteran’s Day and, being a Veteran, I decided I deserved a day off.  I spent the morning out getting the plywood for the bed deck and a few various and sundry items I’ll need for the weekend.  I plan on parking the truck and leaving it parked until I go back to work on Monday.  Most of today was spent cutting the bed deck, adding a second coat to the interior and the galley and prepping the door moldings for the final coat of paint.  Paint, paint, paint!  I thank God I have a brick home because this is one old fella who won’t be wielding a paint brush for a very long time to come.  Painting has become the bane of my existence.  Thankfully, I was granted a reprieve somewhere around sundown when some of my friends, (otherwise known as the Hoboken Home for Misspent Youth Choir and Vigilante Group), stopped by to kick the tires and share some liquid libation.

(The rest of the weekend)  I’m spent!  If you’re ever looking for a sure-fire weight loss program, build a TTT.  I don’t know whether it’s all the moving around or the fact that I’ve been too busy to eat, but I ended up moving the old belt buckle back a hole this morning.  I knew something other than slivers, aches and pains and my newly acquired dislike of painting would come out of this.

I can say in all candor that Nosty’s Nook is now “camp-able.  I didn’t say finished.  Lord knows that may be years off, (if ever), but she’s water tight, air tight and capable of sustaining life.

Locksets installed and working fine


I got the lock sets installed this morning after I got that *&^%^ blue tape cut off from around the trim molding.  I still have to do a lot of touch-up throughout the camper, and caulk around the trim, but that’s on the agenda for next weekend which will be the “weekend before!”  If I thought I was scrambling this weekend, next weekend is going to be a 72 hour continuous mambo dance contest.  It’s the little things that will kill you.




The penthouse suite


Here’s where we’re at on the interior.  All the light fixtures are in and the overhead cabinet is framed and has two coats of polyurethane on it.  I’m afraid the doors will have to wait til after the maiden voyage.  Surprisingly, I’ve come to like that green after all.  I think it looks nice with the natural wood.  Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I’ll be the one sleeping in it so, what the hell.



Box lock conundrum solved.

I bought a T-handle garage door lock for the box but came upon this heavy duty drawer lock at The Home Depot the other day and thought I’d give it a try.  It worked out great with a piece of angle iron screwed to the inside to act as a catch.  It’s a lot less intrusive than the T-handle would have been.  I could see myself constantly catching my shirt on it while I was coupling the camper to my truck.   Don’t mind the sawdust.  The air was rotten with it all weekend.  I’ll probably be coughing up entire sheets of plywood all week long.

Bed front facing.

I got all the tongue-in-groove installed on the front bed face, but I’ve still got to add a molding from the bed deck overlapping the face and make a door for the circuit breaker panel at the far end.  Again, not required for habitability, so it can wait.  That darker colored section is actually a drawer.  I need to urethane it and add drawer pulls.  I had some tar from God knows where on my shoes which, of course, got transferred to the bed deck while I was installing the lighting fixtures.  I’ll need to take some mineral spirits to it and hope that it comes off.  The mattress has a vinyl cover on it and, sure enough, it’ll have tar on it if I don’t get it off.

Ceiling beams installed

You can see the ceiling beams in this shot.  I could fib and say they were planned, but in reality, they’re hiding a few sins where the ceiling seams meet.  Beats sanding! *laughing*  There will be framing around the big window, too, but I was waiting until last for that because I filled the spaces on the corners with spray, expandable insulation which you can probably see bulging out in the picture.  I also used it around the wheel wells under the bed for the area that was left open between the fenders and the framing.

Rear galley doors

Next weekend I’ll be securing the galley doors.  I got a little carried away with the epoxy around the door frames so they close really tight.  I’ll have to do some sanding and adjusting to get them to close smoothly, then get whatever locking means I decide on installed.  The galley won’t be anything more than an open space on the first trip, but I’ll be working on it throughout the winter to have it ready for spring camping.

Unfinished galley

Here’s where the progress on the galley stands.  There will be cabinets like the ones in the main cabin above, counter top with a sink and an ice box.  Not something I’ll be able to finish by Thanksgiving, unfortunately, but I can just as easily set the Coleman stove on the picnic table for the weekend.

The Thorn beside the rose.

I put this one in because I’ve been told that it gives a better idea of the size of the camper.  I think the goggles add a nice touch. *laughing* For the record, the camper itself is ten feet long, five feet wide and four feet high……….and so am I.   See the comparison?

"Nook at Night"


I waited til dark to get a few shots of Das Nook lighted up.





The library, writing den and sleeping compartment.


Kinda cozy, isn’t it?






"I'll leave a light on for you."



I can’t wait.






Well, that’s about it for this week, my friends.  One more weekend to finish one hell of a Honey Do list, but I’m sliding into home and it really feels great.Thanks to all of you who sent questions, suggestions and comments last week.  As always, it was truly a pleasure swapping stories with you and hearing your great ideas.  Contact me anytime at: doc@bgreenleaf.com

And if the Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailers have sparked an interest in you, drop by the Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailer forum and check out the amazing creations built by some pretty ingenious people.  And all of the are more than happy to talk about their camper or answer any questions you might have.

Until next week, I wish you peace, love and happiness.  May good luck follow you all the days of your life.



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