Here it is:  in answer to the most asked question via email this week;  the interior will be green. Hey, “It ain’t easy being green!”  There is a reason, though.  Frankly, the cash cow budget I set aside for Nosty’s Nook has run dry.  So dry that she has turned inside-out!  We are now just over the $3000.00 mark.  Thankfully, I believe the worst of the spending is over.  Due to that fact, I find it necessary to “economize.”  As luck would have it, I happened to have an extra, almost, gallon of the paint I used to paint my master bedroom, so the lucky recipient of this week’s grand prize of an “almost full,” gallon of Granny Smith Apple Green will be………*drum roll*……… Nosty’s Nook!!  (the crowd cheers!).  Hey, I could have lied and said I painted it the same color as my bedroom so that I feel “at home” no matter where I go.  I’d never make it in politics.  Truth be told, I hate the color of my bedroom.  It was one of those colors that looked a whole lot better on the swatch than it does on the walls.  I just rationalized that I can repaint both the bedroom and Nosty’s Nook’s interior when economic times are better.  It isn’t as if I skimped on a structural matter or anything like that.

Hi, and welcome back.  After that intro, I feel it necessary to purge my conscience completely.  I was very bad Friday.  I’ve had a song idea in my head for a week.  Have you ever had that happen to you?  A melody that just won’t quit playing in your head? (I’m told there are medications for that).  Anyway; as I was muscling Das Nook out of the big top Friday, that tune was at max volume in my head and it wouldn’t let go.  Try as I might, I just couldn’t shake it.  So what would any other makeshift-musician do?  What else?  I went into the studio, picked up my guitar and started popping out a few demo tracks.  For shame!  Actually, I don’t feel as guilty as I thought I would.  I did, however, manage to get the tail light brackets fabricated and I mounted the outside lights.  Not a banner day on the build, but I have faith that I’ll make up for it tomorrow and a little on Sunday before I have to leave for an out-of-town trip.  If nothing else, I’ve laid a couple tracks on a song that will, one day, rock the CD business to it’s very foundation.  OK, so it’ll probably never end up on more than my MP3 player, but I had a ball!  That’s what life’s supposed to be all about, isn’t it?

(Saturday)  OK, back to reality.  The obsessive-compulsive voice in my head is back at the wheel.  I got an early start due to a guilty conscience and hit the ground running at around 8AM.  I had to run a separate ground wire from each of the tail and market light brackets to the metal trailer frame to ground the lights because they’re mounted to the wooden body, and run the new harness through the tongue, along the underside of the camper to each of the lights.  Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?  Actually, it went fairly smoothly.  My back and knees may not function in the morning from crawling around the concrete driveway, but it sure beat rolling around in the mud in the back yard.  We had a little rain last week and, apparently, it was the good, soak-in, type because my yard is still spongy.  At any rate, at the end of the day, Nosty’s Nook is now legal with functioning lights.  Whoo Hoo!
Right side with outside light lit.
(Sunday) Reprieve!  I was supposed to be going out of town this afternoon but, thankfully, that was postponed.  An eleventh-hour reprieve from the Governor, I suspect. *laughing*  Anyway, while I didn’t manage to get a whole lot done today, I did manage to break one of the new outside lights on the side while I was moving the camper back into the big-top.  Aside from that, I filled all the exposed screw heads on the inside walls with joint compound.  Here’s a shot with the “submarine” lights, as my neighbor/friend called them, lit.  I’ll be exchanging the regular bulbs for yellow ones when bug season returns.
Tail and marker lights installed.
And here’s a shot with the tail lights installed.  Thankfully, after a day of walking on concrete on my back and knees, the lights worked fine.  The Nook is now legal.

As I mentioned, I was rather lax this weekend, partly over preparing for the trip I now don’t have to make this afternoon, so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.  I’m still fairly secure in the idea that Nosty’s Nook will definitely be “camp worthy” by Thanksgiving.  It had better be.  I’ve already paid for my reservations at the lake.  According to our friends at the weather bureau, next weekend is going to be clear and cool, (mid-fifties).  Not exactly perfect painting weather, but now that the camper is dried in, I can always start the heater if need be.  Thankfully, as I mentioned last week, the water-based latex I’ll be using inside has a lot quicker drying time than the enamel I used on the exterior so I’m pretty confident the painting, bed frame, bed deck and door moldings will be finished by next weekend.  That’s sufficient to sustain life, so anything I finish the following two weekends will be a bonus.  I’ve got twenty-six days til her maiden voyage.  That’s three weekends.  Wish me luck.  I’ll need it.

That’s about it for this week.  Sorry I didn’t have more to show for the three days, but that’s the way things go sometimes.

Until next week, I wish you peace, happiness and big goofy smiles for no apparent reason at least hourly.  Those are doctor’s orders.

A load of laughs on every page.
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