Hello my friends.  Welcome back.

If you’re new to the blog, I’m in the twelfth week of building a TTT, (Tiny Travel Trailer), from the ground up.

Well, all that talk of patience last week went right out the window this weekend.  I misread the label on the paint I bought, (which, I will say, seems to really be top shelf), regarding re-coating times.  The label reads, “Dry to the touch in two hours.”  That must have been where I stopped reading, ( I have zero attention span.  I probably have ADD).  Once I got the paint home and reread the label, that sentence was followed by, “Can be re-coated in eight hours.”  Typical male: “We don’t need no stinking directions!”  So, yet again, it’s another manic, hurry up and wait weekend.  Thankfully, this may put me a little behind on my personal timeline, but, baring any unforeseen disasters, having Nosty’s Nook ready for the Thanksgiving weekend is a very “do-able” goal.  I’m so convinced of it, I’m going to make reservations this week for that weekend.  That’s probably more a formality than a necessity.  Most people are too sane to be out camping in late November, but I never claimed to be sane.  As a matter of fact, I’m rather proud of my insanity.  I’ve always got a new voice in my head to bounce new ideas off of.

And I’m still having the time of my life.

(Friday)  Guess what I spent the morning doing?  You guessed it: sanding.  Can you detect the note of sarcasm in that statement?  I had to lightly sand the entire outer shell to give the epoxy coat a tooth for the urethane enamel to adhere to.  Before I started sanding, though, I went ahead and drilled out and cut the holes for the door knobs and the electrical cable hatch.  Thankfully, both of those tasks went smoothly.  I plugged my MP3 player into my ears, (the emptiness between my ears makes for a great echo chamber.  Music couldn’t sound any better in a grand concert hall), and went about the three or four hours of roughing up the epoxy.  Then, I wiped the entire shell down with mineral spirits to get all the sanding dust off and had just enough time left to cut in all the corners and tight spots with a brush coat.  Today wouldn’t have been a good day to apply a full coat anyway.  The wind was flat out kickin and I didn’t want to sleep out in the yard, waking every half-hour to pick leaves, bugs and what-not out of the paint.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a much calmer day.

(Saturday)  The first coat seemed to go on extremely well.  So far, I’m very pleased with the Benjamin Moore P22 urethane enamel.  I’m more used to using latex, water-based paints, but I didn’t see a whole lot of difference in the application.  I’m using foam rollers in the hope of getting a smooth, glass-like finish.  This may prove to be a fools errand because, as nice as the epoxy coat appears to have cured, the proof will be when this first coat dries.  The proof, they say, is in the paint, (or the pudding, but if it comes out with the consistency of pudding, I’ve got a whole lot more problems than just a glass-like finish).

(Sunday)  Well gang, I’m guessing the goose-stepping, happy dancing, self-applied pats on the back and the few odd disco moves these old bones still allow me to execute, which I did with aplomb after I thought the epoxy finish was completed, must have irked the epoxy gods; for they have shown their wrath.  I don’t know whether it was my fervent desire to be done with the sanding, or whether I definitely need to schedule an appointment with the optometrist, but the proof was, definitely, in the paint.  There are various and sundry nicks, sags and other oddities laughing at me on numerous spots throughout the finish.  I know big boys aren’t supposed to cry, but I may have shed a tear or two when I spotted that demon plague from hell glaring at me as I rolled on the second coat.  I’m over it, (with the help of a couple of Amber Bock’s).  Before I apply the third coat next week, I’ll take a little wet-sand paper to those spots to try and make them less visible.  As I mentioned last week, I wasn’t expecting perfection.  This was my first attempt at epoxy and, as far as I can tell, the main purpose for using the epoxy was a success.  All the wood has three or four coats of epoxy on it, protecting it from the elements.  The rest, as they say, is eye candy.  Not that I’m going to shrug it off and move on, mind you.  Have I mentioned that I’m a hopeless anal retentive? *laughing*  The finish may still never be showroom perfect, but I’m going to give it the old navy try and do everything in my power to make it as close to one as possible.  This is one area where the 8 hours between coats will come in handy.  If all goes well, I’ll do the repairs next Friday morning and apply the third coat close to the end of the day.  That way, the third coat should be dry by Saturday morning and I’ll be able to move on to the next steps and be that much closer to that camping trip over Thanksgiving weekend.

Now, to answer the question so many of you have been asking. *drum roll please!*  The color is!


Ariel view
Top view


The color is called Royal Burgundy!  I like things royal.  I’m preparing myself for my inevitable rise to the throne of a small, third world, country.  That, however, is a whole other blog.

Actually, after weeks of perusing paint swatches, I chose this color because it’s really close to the Candy Apple Red on the 68 GTO I once had the honor of owning.  Fortunately, I did a much better paint job on the GTO than I have, so far, achieved on Nosty’s Nook.


Look closely. You can see my shame.


If you look to the left of the door you can see one nasty epoxy run that wasn’t evident until the paint went on.


Right side


You can see the hole in the side for the electrical cable hatch.  The bolt-on hatch is white to match the trim that’ll be going around the doors next weekend, (God willing)

I’m hoping that next weekend will be a major transition week for Nosty’s Nook.  If all goes well, and I get all the wet-sand repairs done in time to get the third coat on Friday, Saturday will include installing the windows and the roof vent and, at the risk of being overzealous, the door trim.  That will have her in the dry and I can start concentrating my efforts on the inside.  Thankfully, most of the sanding on the inside has been completed so, with the exception of the cabinet trim, next weekend should be, pretty much, the end of the sanding.  Salute!!

Well my friends, there’s not a whole lot more to report this weekend.  While progress was made, it wasn’t enough to go on and on about.  I tend to ramble so I’ll spare you the details of the drying process, or of the terrible time I had folding the fitted sheet when I did laundry between coats on Saturday or, while possibly more interesting, the outcome of the self-inflicted haircut I gave myself between coats on Saturday.  Wouldn’t be prudent.

Hopefully, there’ll be a whole lot more to report next weekend.  The extended weather forecast is calling for a week of days just like today, sunny and 80 degrees.  It has truly been Heaven here in South Carolina these last few weeks.

As always, keep those cards and letters coming.  I love hearing from you and swapping stories about campers and the wonderful camping hobby.  Contact me anytime at: doc@bgreenleaf.com

And, if you’re looking for a great read for the cold weekends ahead, order a copy of my latest book, Born Bent Over: Flashing the Vertical Smile at Middle Age.  I guarantee a chuckle in every chapter.  You can find it at barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com, or through my website, bgreenleaf.com where you can also read some of my short stories or hear the, quickly becoming famous, Born Bent Over Theme Song.


A load of laughs on every page.
Born Bent Over: Flashing the Vertical Smile at Middle Age.


Until next week, live life to the fullest, love with all your heart and find a laugh in every waking minute.



©Brian Greenleaf 2010.  All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i?ve landed on your blog in the last 3 weeks looking for completely unrelated things. Great Info! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, babyartikel. I really appreciate your kind words. I’m sorry you landed here by accident, but I’m not sorry that you had a chance to read the blog. I’m kinda funny that way. *laughing* I hope you’ll stop back often. We may make a camper out of you.

      Take care,

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